The Morris Advantage

The Customer Always Comes First

Doing what's best for our customers is the best allocator of resources and guide of behavior. If customers are happy, business will follow. We've pursued this approach to business since our company was founded in 1941.

Providing what is needed, when it's needed, and at a competitive price are the fundamentals of today's supply chain and what we strive to do, at every level of our organization. More than 60% of all our employees are dedicated exclusively to parts, service, productivity engineering, and application engineering support.

We provide helpful guidance throughout the capital asset lifecycle, from initial needs analysis, to installation, to turnkey operation, to ongoing optimization of machine tool performance, to disposal of retired equipment.

Whether it's a new machine tool or a new accessory, our recommendations are always guided by doing what's best for the customer. That one guiding principle is the basis of our enduring customer relationships, new business unit development, and continued growth.

A Large Company with Local Customer Service

We give our customers the best of both worlds: the depth and resources of a large company and the personal service of a local supplier. Morris Group is comprised of independently operated regional offices. Living and working in the same communities that you call home means that our sales, productivity, engineering, service, and support team members are better able to understand and respond to your needs. Our customers don't have to wait for decisions from a distant corporate office. The most important decision makers at Morris are the people with whom you interact every day.

When you work with your local Morris Group company, you maintain the benefits of working with a familiar local source but also gain access to the knowledge, expertise, and services of the entire Morris Group. We leverage the purchasing power of Morris Group to secure competitive pricing and product availability for our customers. Getting the best deals for our customers is a win-win. You more frequently win access to some of the most advanced manufacturing technology on the market today, and we win the opportunity to begin what we hope will be another enduring customer relationship.

Morris Parts Depot is another example of how we leverage our size for your benefit. To improve turnaround time on spare parts orders, we centralized parts inventory and management operations in Huntsville, Alabama—forming Morris Parts Depot.  With most commonly used spare parts for our customers’ CNC machine tools in inventory and a sophisticated inventory management system in place, we supply our regional offices with parts more efficiently, with the end result that our customers’ machines are back online faster.

Centralizing parts inventory management and other business functions like accounting, IT, facilities management, marketing, and human resources at our corporate office in Windsor, Connecticut frees up our regional offices to focus their attention and resources on serving you—our customers.

Application Engineering and Process Expertise

A group of men looking at machines at a show

Helping our customers do more with less entails more than providing the most advanced technology—it requires a clear understanding of manufacturing challenges and how to produce parts better, faster, and more profitably.  Getting the most out of your precision machinery demands the best application engineering and process expertise.

Throughout the Morris Group network, you will find application engineering expertise in virtually every industry, including aerospace, energy, medical, automotive, defense and firearms, agricultural and recreational vehicles. As U.S. manufacturers expand operations and add sites in different parts of the country and world, access to a large pool of application engineering talent becomes more highly valued.  We support the development of a well rounded and experienced application engineering team by providing mentoring opportunities and career development paths that include travel as well as relocation to other Morris offices.  As a result, our application engineers are highly skilled at delivering custom engineered, turnkey solutions to our customers.

Many of our best application engineers joined Morris shortly after they graduated from school.  Providing our engineers with exposure to diverse customer manufacturing needs and encouragement to pursue advanced education via tuition reimbursement programs has allowed us to develop one of the brightest and most professional engineering teams amongst our peer group.

The Best People

Attracting and retaining the best people are important components of our competitive strategy. Several of our staff members are lifetime employees of Morris Group.  It is not unusual for staff members to work for one or more of our companies over the course of their employment as well as move between departments or launch new business groups.  We provide continued education incentives as well as ongoing professional development opportunities to all of our staff members.  A well educated staff that is technologically savvy and well equipped to interface with all facets of customer relations is another advantage you’ll discover at Morris Group.

Long Term Strategic Alliances

Morris Group companies maintain solid, long-term relationships with our OEM equipment builders, including Tsugami (since 1978), Okuma (since 1981), and Haas (since 1990). Our sales and applications engineers work closely with all of our builders. The majority of our engineering staff has received onsite training in our builders' home offices, gaining thorough product knowledge that is essential to develop optimal solutions for your business today. Builders continually share news of new technology and pending developments with our sales and marketing staffs, giving us a forward-looking perspective that is reflected in our customer dealings.