REM Sales Introduces Tsugami B0 Series Swiss Turns

REM Sales, LLC, of Windsor, Connecticut introduces the new Tsugami B0125 and B0205 Swiss type automatic lathes. Available in a variety of configurations, the new models are a straightforward and flexible solution for precision round and prismatic parts.

Increased variation in part design and smaller lot sizes are two key factors driven by lean manufacturing strategies that led Tsugami to create the B0 series lathes. Tsugami designed the B0125 and B0205 specifically to produce parts with less complex features quickly and efficiently. “B0 series lathes are an ideal solution for many applications and deliver all the accuracy, rigidity and repeatability that our customers have come to expect from Tsugami,” says REM Sales national sales manager Scott Anthony.

Both the B0125 and B0205 series lathes feature the ability to operate with or without a guide bushing. Utilizing the guide bushing configuration is ideal for parts with a length to diameter ratio of 4:1 or higher. Guide bushless machining can be the best answer for shorter parts, prismatic parts, or when bar stock is not centerless ground. Remnant length is also reduced, an important consideration when working with expensive materials.

The B0125 and B0205 both feature ‘direct drive’ rotary guide bushings with 170mm of Z-axis stroke (45 mm of stroke in guide bushless configuration.) Changing from a guide bushing configuration to a guide bushless configuration can be accomplished in minutes. “Our customer’s requirements change daily, sometimes hourly” says Anthony. “changing from a guide bushing to guide-bushless configuration can be accomplished in minutes.” 

The base configuration of the B0125 and B0205 includes three (3) driven cross tools for drilling and milling operations; six (6) turning tools; four (4) main spindle face tools positions; and eight (8) sub spindle face tool positions. A two path FANUC 0i-TD CNC reduces cycle time by allowing for simultaneous operation of the main and sub spindle. Overlapped machining allows the operator to complete sub spindle operations on the first part while the main spindle starts work on the second part.

“Tsugami’s flat bed design and unique opposed gang slide are two key, if often overlooked, design features that increase the effectiveness of the B0 series,” says Anthony. The flat bed design resists thermal growth more effectively than a traditional slant-bed design helping to ensure more accurate parts. Tsugami’s unique opposed gang-slide design reduces chip-to-chip time by placing tools on each side of the guide bushing for faster indexing.

To learn more about the Tsugami B0125 and B0205, contact REM Sales at 860-687-3400 or visit 

About REM Sales: 

REM Sales has been the exclusive North American importer of Tsugami Precision Machine Tools since 1978. A division of Morris Group, Inc. of Windsor, Connecticut, REM Sales sells new Tsugami machine tools via distribution channels and direct sales agents. The company also provides application engineering, service, and customer training. REM Sales is located at 910 Day Hill Road, Windsor, Connecticut 06095. 

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